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PT Omega Envirotama

National private company engaged in the manufacture and procurement of equipment - laboratory safety equipment, general laboratory, medical instruments both domestically as a laboratory table, Fume Hood, Laminar Air Flow, Biosafety Cabinet, Emergency Shower, etc., as well as foreign-made with quality the best and at competitive prices.In addition we also provide environmental laboratory equipment, such as: equipment for analyzing water, soil, and air (water test kits, soil test kits, airpolution test kits), DO meter, conductivity meter, spectrophotometer, turbisimeter, chlorinemeter, portable dust collector , water sampling dredge, coolbox, RO WATERPURIFIER, water distillatory, autoclaves, a graduated tool rain (rain gauge), photographic microscope + TV monitor, extraction heaters, hotplat / stirrers, glassware, ovens, incubators, centrifuges, and other.